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In midst of the Himalayan mountains, at 3100 m above sea lies Simikot, which has 4400 residents. Simikot is the headquarter of the district Humla, which ajoins the Tibetan border. It takes around 5 days trekking to reach Simikot from the northern border point.





The specific requirements for you as a volunteer depend on the area of work you are interested in. We offer several opportunities.



Minimum age: 21 years
Language proficiency: English

Deployment in the hospital and maternity ward


Medical expertise is a key requirement for working at the hospital and the maternity ward. We are also looking for volunteers with empathy, interpersonal skills and profound personal commitment.

Doctors, midwives, certified nurses or medical technicians, all are welcome at the hospital (even those in training). 15 years experience showed that medical volunteers can assist with making a big difference in the lives of patients in need of medical relief.

Volunteers practitioners are introduced into the structures of the hospital and the maternity ward. The volunteer is then allowed to bring in her/his medical skills and knowledge according to existing needs at the health centre.

On a daily basis, sick and injured people are treated in our hospital. Midwives and gynecologists, who volunteer in the hospital, enjoy the possibility to aid local midwives with the care taking of pregnant women, women who are giving birth, and women in childbed.

For many years, health camps are organized by a team of medical experts. Each health camp has its own focal point (for instance on eye diseases or skin problems).

A health camp has the capacity to treat around 160 patients a day. For a successful completion of a health camp, our team is responsible for the integrational planning, coordination, information exchange as well as obtaining all permits for national and international team member. This includes volunteers as well.

Minimum age: 21 years
Language proficiency: English


Volunteering in the women centre Mahila Avaz – Women’s Voice


The requirements for a commitment in the women centre Mahila Avaz – Women’s Voice are much broader.

The women’s house is the right place for you if you have skills in the following sectors; agriculture, herbal medicine, crafting of jewelry, pottery, or tailoring. Highly welcomed are also professionals of the social sector, such as psychologist or social workers.

Our agricultural program includes the following tasks; seasonal support for our farmers in planting seeds, nutrient cycling and composting, irrigation, vertical farming, greenhouse constructions and management, beekeeping, mushroom farming, food preservation practices, chicken farming, and the processing of medical plants.

It is possible for volunteers in our women centre to assist professional care takers with daily tasks and duties.

In case you are interested in supporting the local social worker in her work with the women’s groups, health-groups and form theatre.

Have we caught your interest with our diverse volunteering opportunities? If yes, please contact us. We are happy to meet you in a personal interview in order to identify the right project, which suits your expertise, skills and interests. You will experience one of your most significant and memorable times in your life when volunteering for our programs in Simikot.

Minimum age: 21
Language proficiency: English





It is important for our organisation to minimize the costs hence we consider to cover mainly basic expenses.

Total costs per volunteer comprise for our organisation: fooding and lodging, organizational costs for your stay as well as your participation in the project. Not included are flight tickets, travel insurance, visa (Nepalese consulate in Vienna), hotel stay, permits, vaccination or pocket money for personal use.


Minimum costs for a 4-weeks stay: 1200 Euros
Each additional week costs: 120 Euros


We reserve the right to individual exceptions. The amounts stated may change slightly due to exchange rate fluctuations. After submitting your application and interview, we will send you a detailed and personal cost list.




Our services for intersted volunteers


  • Obtainment of all necessary permits, such as work permits, from the Nepalese authorities and the Nepalese health organisation
  • Detailed advice and individual support before, during and after your trip, what incorporates adequate travel preparation as well as information on your visa application
  • Advice on vaccinations, travel insurance and necessary items for the journey
  • Airport pick-up, transfer to the hotel and escort to Simikot. If requested, a few days layover in Kathmandu can be arranged
  • Hotel booking for the stay in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj, tickets for both domestic flights to Simikot and assistance when obtaining a Nepalese Sim card and money exchange
  • One day orientation program after arrival in Simikot
  • On-site support: Introduction by our project manager and support by our staff during the entire stay
  • Close cooperation with our project beneficiaries and the local partner organisation NAPO (Nepal Austria Partnership Organisation) in Simikot
  • Introduction into the Nepalese culture and family traditions
  • Reference letter for your voluntary services at the end of your assignment
  • For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to help you in person and hope to advise you on your wishes and needs for such a trip.



We look forward to a personal conversation with you, contact us, we will be happy to advise you. 


Mrs. Brigitta Hinterecker Bogdanowicz
Chairwoman Nepal Trust Austria
Phone: +43 664 5046906
Email: brigitta.hinterecker(a)

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