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About seven years ago it was Mr. Eduard Frosch who had visited Simikot on his way to Kailash. Because of interest he visited the hospital and found it devastated. There he met Mrs Liz Donovan, an Austrian married to Jim Donovan. They both had founded two No’s, namely “Nepal Trust Scotland (NTS)” and “Nepal Trust Nepal (NTN)” to help to improve health situation for Humla. Influenced by them Mr. Eduard Frosch also founded at Vienna “Nepal Trust Austria (NTA)” and persuaded unit. Prof. Dr. Alex Blaicher to become its president. Subsequently NTA supported NTN. Two “Health Camps” were organised (2004, 2006) in which doctors and nurses from Austria and Great Britain in cooperation with Nepali doctors and nurses treated over 8000 people.


In 2006 I was asked by Mr. Eduard Frosch to go up to Simikot for half a year to prepare the Health camp 2006 (“as you have retired you do not have anything to do”). Concerning organisation I found great support by Mr. Tsepal Dorje Lama. But visiting the hospital I found nearly devastated buildings. There was a meeting of a Hospital Committee representing all responsible persons at Simikot. I made the proposal to paint the hospital (NTA would pay the paint and transport) to create a nice environment for the hospital staff and the patients. I proposed to apply the paint with the help of the hospital staff and found with the then acting DHO, Dr. Shree, great support. He himself took up the brush and started painting with me and some members of NTN. Suddenly the number of painters increased by the help of the hospital staff. We applied over 500 kg of paint. I think it is the only hospital of Nepal where the staff painted its own hospital and made it nice. With the help of the Forestry we even planted over 120 trees. Unfortunately they were mainly food for the donkeys.


After performing the health camp in September 2006 (10 days, over 8000 patients, 280 operations of which 48 quite heavy), NTA though having had great success with the Health Camp decided to take up all efforts to help to make the Hospital at Simikot a functioning hospital all the year over. Because of many reasons we separated from NTS and NTN and founded an own NGO, Nepal Austria Partnership Organisation (NAPO), in March 2007, registered at Simikot. I was very happy to get Mr. Tsepal Dorje Lama as its President. The Ministry of Health and Population agreed to install Mr. Tsepal as manager of the hospital under the supervision of the acting DHO. NTA agreed to support NAPO and pay the salary to Mr. Tsepal. We also wanted to have an own guesthouse with the intention that this guesthouse might become independent within the next ten years. Mr. Tsepal engaged Ms Kunti Lama to help him running the guesthouse and we agreed to pay her salary as well. To create better information and communication we have even brought computers and the internet to our guest house, though the costs of running it are at the moment very high.


I myself try, beside the many means of communication from Vienna to Simikot, to come to Simikot for help as often as possible. In addition we encouraged Austrian volunteer medical doctors, nurses, technicians to go up to Simikot to help running the hospital, help repairing the hospital and bring it to a good standard. Presently new drinking water pipes were made, bringing hot and cold water into every room of the hospital where patients are treated. Isolation of patients` rooms is made, most rooms covered with washable, hygienic paint. Due to new electricity possibilities new cables are put into the soil, new electric lines into the rooms. I do know that work here will never be finished, but we try hard to reach our ideal. But mainly I have to thank all our supporters and those numerous who work up at Simikot as volunteers for the sake of the people of Humla. If you want to know more about us and even want to see some films (press) visit our homepage


Juni 2008                Prof. Mag. Uwe Wobrowsky




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